Thursday, July 21, 2011

So Long Davey Come to CT

My son James was living with me in 2006 when he announced that he was moving to San Diego to find himself a rock 'n roll band that needed a songwriter and guitar man. Hewas 24. On Craig's List he found a singer and front man named David Vaughn. The dude has pipes. James basically signed up to be the guitarist in his back-up band. The move surprised me a bit because David's music on my space seemed too pop for James. James is an alternative guy. But, then something happened. David and James started writing music together. It gave the band a unique sound because of the blend of pop into the alternative. Instead of being "David Vaughn" the band became So Long Davey. They are still unsigned, but have played to open for bands like The Plain White T's. They regularly play at The House of Blues in both San Diego and LA. In these past five years they've recorded incredible music. I've never seen the band live. I keep meaning to go to San Diego, but $$$ has held me back. To surprise James, David booked them two gigs on the east coast. Wednesday the 27th they are in NYC and Friday an hour down the road inn New Haven. I am stoked. Here's a video of what could be their best song, Six Feet Down.

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