Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Become The Dirty Half Dozen!

Recently we uncovered original copies of what we called WTIT Newsletters. We only did them for a short while in 1967-1968. We thought we’d share them. It might shed insight on how we really thought everyone listened to WTIT. Though you’d have to be in our studio (to this day) to hear it. But back then, we were in high school and we played a lot of tapes at parties.  Here’s a piece of trivia: We always note that our original DJ staff was Bud Weiser, Galloping Gary, Bouncing Billy, Johnnie Walker and Killer Joe. And that was the first true staff that carried the ball from 1968 to 1973. But in our first year in 1967, Bud, Gary and Billy tried out a ton of guys who were given a shot before we settled on Joe and Johnnie. (In today's re-post of this WTIT Newsletter Tiny Tim is introduced. He lasted just one show.) Johnnie and Joe literal joined WTIT on the same night in June of 1968. Johnnie and Bud are the only two original DJs that are still with the world's first and longest running Tape Radio Station.

FROM THE FUN TOWER: November 8, 1967

“What’s Terrific in T-I-T-Land”

Volume 1 Number 3

In Downtown West Hartford things are looking up. Bud Weiser just turned sixteen. It was “standing room only” at the WTIT party for Bud.

Warped Movies! WTIT has begun our parodies of film classics. We take no prisoners when we spoof Cleopatra on Tape 14 on Bud's show.

Ticker-Ticker-Ding-Ding-Ding! That's the sound our WTIT Time Machine makes while we become Travelers In Time. On Tape 1 check out our visit to see the Lone Ranger first put on the mask. Bud Weiser, Galloping Gary, Bouncing Bill and Dynamic Dick star in the bit.

WTIT DJs become The Dirty Half Dozen with the addition of Tiny Tim. The Travelers in Time hit again as we find King Author. Sid Schaefer brings his nasty Adam and Eve poem. He didn't write it, but it's a riot! It's all part of Tape 14.

To Dick With Love! Anyone have an extra girlfriend? Dynamic Dick has juggled two since he joined WTIT. Who could guess that if they found out about each other that they would both break up with him? Anyway, Dick begged so much, we felt compelled to tell our fans about his lonely dilemma.

Next issue? Galloping Gary is busy working on our next newsletter. That's it for this week. Come by the WTIT to hear our latest bits. As you know our tapes numbers are random. Gary speculates that WTIT might go from mono to stereo! We can only hope. We do take donations. That's the way it isn't on November 8, 1967. See you next time!

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