Saturday, May 15, 2010

Say Hi to Song Long Davey

So today we will talk about music. Not just any music, but about a band named So Long Davey! As you probably have forgot, my son James moved to California what will be for two years this August. The reason for the move was that he wanted to be in a rock band and felt it was not happening for him in New England. While some parents would not be positive about this idea, I thought it was fantastic. I just advised him not to get married to the girlfriend that moved with him. Nothing against her, but nothing dampens dreams like wives and diapers. Had I not been an on-air radio personality for years, I would have always wondered, “what if?” I was glad that James was going to give it a shot. Since he broke up with his girlfriend shortly after arriving in San Diego, he dodged that bullet.

James writes terrific songs. He sings well, but lacks confidence that you need to be a front man. James was always in a band. I did a video of his high school band for a class on the history of the Roman Empire. I recorded the band on audio, then had them sit in the WTIT Studio to lip sync the tune. Since the drums wouldn’t fit, the drummer played “air drums” and made goofy faces. It came out all right and got an “A” for the project. Other than the band drawing fifteen town cops to show up at my house to shut the band’s practice down, when my wife (of the time, 2nd I think…) and I were out, this band The James Experience caused no excitement.

James’ music wouldn't wait for college, but he gave college a try anyway. He was in a band there, but his vision and the band's were not the same. James left school, came home, and formed a band named Euphony. He found a front person, a very pretty gal named Virgina who sounded a bit like Joplin. The CD they created was very good. But the front woman was wrong for a lot of reasons. In person while she sang well and could look pretty, she had no “it” factor. She wasn’t nearly as pretty as she thought she was, nor sang as well that someone who had her talent should have sung. She also had a thing with another band member and then insisted on becoming the band's leader. She changed the band’s names to North of Virginia and thought she could write music. James stayed on briefly and I saw the band once. They sucked, except for the songs they played that James wrote. James is a great songwriter and guitarist, but he couldn’t rescue this mess and left the band.

James' next project became The James Austin Band. I saw them at a WCCC (the Rock) concert. They recorded a bit and the band gave James and his oldest friend Dean, a terrific drummer, a chance to be in the same band, however how brief. They recorded a bit before James' next move.

Once James got to California, he looked online on Craig’s List to see if he could join a band that needed a guitar playing songwriter. He got in touch with a guy who was known locally named David Vaughn. Vaughn had a MySpace site, so I checked him out. He was outrageous. Not only did he have a ton of personality, but also he was an awesome singer. James joined his backing band and really respected the guy. As the relationship grew and the two trusted each other something really rocked about these two and the band. David is not a songwriter per se. He was a lot more pop than James, who was a lot more rock. The reigned each other in and the results are fantastic. With David’s personality and vocals, James’ guitar work and songwriting, the band started winning contests. Instead of David Vaughn and his band, they became So Long Davey! to acknowledge the partnership. They’ve now opened for national acts like The Plain White T’s. They’ve just recorded their first CD and are looking to get signed.

I got an email yesterday. Not from James, but the band’s leader, David Vaughn. I have not met David, but we chatted for an hour or so some six months ago. David wrote me:

Hey Bud!
How've you been? James has probably told you, but we're pushing this new CD like MAD!
We're now #30 in the's Top 100 selling CD's (right behind Fall Out Boy). I predict some awesome things will happen for us when we get to number 1 so we're getting everybody to buy our CD for only $5 on the site. And, of course, in bulk if they can! Spread the word; spread the music! :)

So, I don't know if you would honor us with a post of your everpopular (and hilarious) blog and/or with an e-mail forward. Anything that you can do will be MADLY appreciated, sir!


Here’s their promo ad:

Needs Your Help!

Please Order Our New CD,
Another Planet On!


We need help getting to #1

Awesome things have been happening to us ever since we got in the Top 100
and the higher we get the better

it¢s going to be for our careers!

Our CD is ONLY $5 on the site!
We're SO CLOSE to being #1!!!

It¢s really a GREAT CD and we¢ve worked tirelessly to get it to be as fun and catchy as it is!

Please get one for yourself and if you could share the love and order some extras for friends, nephews, nieces, co-workers, in-laws, dads, moms, girlfriends, boyfriends, whoever! We get points on the charts for every order

And it¢s ONLY $5 on the site!

Please help. We need you!


Also, PLEASE FORWARD this to anyone and everyone you can!
We want to spread the music and we really think you¢re going to LOVE our CD!

Thank-you SO MUCH!


Okay I know that I am totally prejudiced, but I know you will love this music. Give it a listen on MySpace and buy the CD for just a fin! And even more importantly talk about it on your blogs! I mean you've got tons more readers than I do. But I don't need James or David Vaughn learning that.
So mention it. Or Email Me for code for your sidebar.
These guys rock and are going to be big.
Here's an opportunity to say that you
helped David & James way back then.
If they are the next John & Paul, you will
kick yourselves later.
Thanks for joing us in the WTIT Blog today.
Join us next time.
Same time. Same blog.
Join My Community at MyBloglog!

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