Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paris As a Role Model, U2 and a "W"!

Sometimes it is not about the money. Not with me, mind you, but you have to respect a recent decision by one of the top rock bands of all time, U2. Bono and the boys were offered over $20 million dollars to license the 1987 song “Where the Streets Have No Name.” As someone who gets almost gets physically ill when a Beatle song is used in a commercial, I applaud the move. I mean John Lennon did not write “Revolution” to promote Nike footwear. Not that he or for that matter any of the Beatles were involved. John had already passed away and Michael Jackson had outbid Paul McCartney for song rights.

Bono said that the hardest part of decision was that the $20 million dollars could have helped an enormous amount of people in Africa. Bono has spent a tremendous amount of money and time helping Africa with its AIDS crisis. Bono, who has been nominated for two Peace prize nominations stated, “"So we thought, we'll give the money away. But if we tell people we're giving the money away, it sounds pompous." While I understand his statement, I think that for me the bigger picture was that once you slide down that slope, it would be easier to sell more songs. And maybe it would not go to charity the next time.

In a follow up to Monday’s interview with Britney, Paris Hilton came to Britsy-poop’s defense today. Paris said the media is rotten for suggesting that partying all night and flashing her “Geritol package” does not a bad mother make. Since Paris Hilton is my role model for all things cerebral, I am thrilled she checked in…

I can Black-Tie. "I can black-eye. You have been warned....."

Thanks for spending Hump Day with us.
We hope to see you back tomorrow
when we promise that we will not take
too much very seriously then, either!

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