Friday, January 22, 2010

Into the Night

Last Saturday while I was sharing the fact that I had no decent replacement for Lola, I asked for suggestions. Everyone whom responded (but one_, wanted us to return A DJ’s Take to a regular feature. The one other suggestion, believe it or not was from a woman named Samantha that has started her own version of Lola called Saturday 9. We are going to at least give that a shot. In the mean time, A DJ's Take will return regularly as well. We had an offer to write our first return to A DJ’s Take in 2008.

So, here's our first one of the year written by Blogger of Note Epiphany Alone:

AI's Taylor Swift's "Our Song" is growing on me. It's cute pop that evokes the simplicity of high school romance.

"Shadow of the Day" shows a gentler Linkin Park, better known for their primal metal "What I've Done" and "Bleed It Out".

Plain White T's have a new single called "Our Time Now" which is more "Hate" than "Hey There Delilah" and perhaps sounding a bit like early Matchbox 20.

Santana's "Into The Night" features Nickelback's lead singer Chad Kroeger was an instant love. Damn, Santana has chart appeal. This is easily as good as recent hits "Smooth" (with Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas) or "I Need To Know" (with Mark Antony).

The WTIT Blog will return next time with our Dating Profiles. We thank Epiphany for her sitting in our chair today. We hope that you have enough time in your day to be with us next time. But of course we will understand if you choose not to return.
We will be ready.
Same time. Same blog.

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